Denu LabWhile Epigenetics is not a department/degree program, faculty in multiple departments and degree programs are affiliated with this initiative. Graduate Students interested in Epigenetics can pursue a PhD with any of the listed faculty by applying to the appropriate training program listed on the prospective graduate adviser’s page under the Faculty tab. In addition, many Epigenetics faculty are part of interdisciplinary training programs that offer pre-doctoral student traineeships including the molecular biology training grant (MBTG) and genome sciences training program (GSTP).

Relevant Courses

  • Nutritional Sciences 619  (also Biochem 619) Advanced Nutrition: Intermediary Metabolism of Macronutrient
  • Biochem 630 Cellular Signal Transduction Mechanisms
  • STAT-877 Statistical methods- Molecular biology. How to apply statistical models in biological problems
  • Genetics 677: Epigenetics
  • CS 367  Study of data structures
  • Stats 571  Statistical Methods for Bioscience I
  • Nutri Sci 875  Topics in Proteomic and Genomic Analysis
  • Biochem 620  Eukaryotic Molecular Biology
  • Biochem 601  Protein and Enzyme Structure and Function
  • Biochem 660  Biochemical Techniques
  • BMC 675  Biochemistry of the cell
  • CS 301  Introduction to Data Programming
  • BIOCHEM 612   Prokaryotic Molecular Biology
  • BMC/CHEM 627    Adv/Spec Topics in Mass Spectrometry