We are an inclusive group of researchers that endeavor to understand how different phenotypes can be generated from a single genome. The collection of UW-Madison researchers offers a diverse perspective on the growing fields of epigenetics and chromatin-based regulation of gene expression. This website is intended to share information about events, faculty and resources available within our epigenetics community. This rich research community also provides an excellent training environment for current and prospective Graduate students and Post-doctoral trainees.

The goals of the UW Epigenetics Program are to investigate, educate, and promote how the epigenome contributes to phenotype and homeostasis. The Program functions as a UW-Madison campus community to foster interdisciplinary collaborations with basic and translational research in epigenetics at the molecular, systems and organism level. Members of this community represent diverse but complementary disciplines that all seek to understand how the epigenome, in collaboration with the genome, control biological and molecular fate. Importantly, this understanding will lead to new insights into how humans and other organisms control their own epigenetic destiny by lifestyle, diet and other environmental factors.

Create and maintain a dynamic community that effectively shares expertise, skills and reagents to rapidly advance research in the broad field of epigenetics.
Enrich trainee (student and post-doc) experiences by engaging the diverse UW-Madison research community.
Establish a culture that creates opportunities to develop non-traditional collaborations.
Co-sponsor relevant outside seminar speakers.
Participate in actionable items that accelerate epigenetics research: (i)Writing grants for Program Projects and shared instrumentation (ii)Participation in workshops.
Develop courses/workshops that enhance understanding of epigenetic/chromatin.
Execute annual epigenetics retreat.
Facilitate monthly Epigenetics Group Discussions/seminars.