Faculty Profile

Rob Kalejta
641A Bock Laboratories, 1525 Linden Drive
(608) 265-5546
Training Programs
Research Description
We study how the epigentic chromatin structure of the human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) genome is generated, modulated, and how it controls viral gene expression during lytic infection and latency. Our major focus is defining how repressive chromatin marks are generated at the viral major immediate early promoter (MIEP) to silence viral immediate early (IE) gene expression to help the virus establish latency.
Selected Publications
• Lee, S.H., ALbright, E.A., Lee, J.H., Jacobs, D.R., and Kalejta, R.F. Cellular defense against latent colonization foiled by human cytomegalovirus UL138 protein. Manuscript in preparation
• Saffert, R.T., Penkert, R.R., and Kalejta, R.F. (2010) Cellular and viral control over the initial events of human cytomegalovirus experimental latency in CD34+ cell. J. Virol. 84 (11) 5594-5604. PMCID: PMC2876595